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Ithaca's 28 Gauge Model 37 Shotgun in 'AAA' Grade
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Ithaca Model 37 TurkeySlayer 12 Gauge Shotgun

The Ithaca Model 37 TurkeySlayer was built from the ground up to be the finest turkey hunting shotgun made.  First They took the famous and venerable Model 37 action for strength and durability, added a barrel that is screwed into the receiver in the mode of a fine bolt action rifle for reliability and accuracy, attach a Briley vented and extented Extra Full choke tube for the extra tight patterns the turkey hunter required, and fitted this gun with a set of Marbles Brand Sites for pinpoint shooting.  Finish it off with either a matte black finish and synthetic stock or a high quality camo finish for the most adverse hunting conditions and you have the Ithaca turkeyslayer shotgun.   No other turkey shotgun can match the quality, precision and reliability of the TurkeySlayer.  You'll spend all day calling Toms with the confidence that you'll have the right tool for the job.


The Turkey Slayer features:

•A receiver that is machined from a single block of steel

•Solderless Barrel System: strongest, truest barrel of any shotgun

•A lengthened forcing cone to reduce recoil and shot deformation

•Crisp 4-6lb. trigger pull with no takeup.

Price: $759

Camo Finish:  Add $100

Thumbhole Stock:  Added $100

Left Hand Safety Available at no extra cost

Please note: We don't not sell shotguns over the web. Please contact us by emailing us at or call 781-820-7583, as we can work with you to get one of these fantastic shotguns.

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